Sprinkle Bat 12" MallowSoft Plush

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Sprinkle bats have been discounted! these remaining bats may have some cherry stains on their icing due to a little color bleed from compression. but they are still super sweet and ready for love.
Light staining may be lightened with detergent and a little trip in the washer on low. dry on low to fluff anytime! 

Sprinkle Bat's bigger, squishier, softer, and even more cuddlable than before! This Plush is 12" in size! shown next to a 3" sticker and older 4-5" plush models for scale. 

These are so soft and squishy, just like those squishy marshmallow plushies we all love, but with tons of embroidery detail and adorable proportions! I've taken so long designing these plush! over a year is involved in bringing these creations to life to bring to you!

These plush retail for $44 at attic salt and fuego stores near you in May 2023
I have a limited about of plush to share with you through my website here.